Sercant Ltd

Integrating and Exploiting Information

Sercant Ltd stores business contact details for the purposes of contacting you in the normal course of business as an IT consultancy.

We also retain emails between us and copies of letters that we have sent to you.

We do not undertake mailshot campaigns and so any contact with you is based on a current or previous working relationship; a previous personal contact; or a considered view that you are the most relevant person in your organisation to approach with a business proposal relating to IT consultancy.

Generally, there is a two-way relationship between us.

We do not share your details with third parties without your express permission.

Your details have been collected from sources that carry the reasonable expectation that they will be used for these purposes.  The sources we use are: business cards that you have given (including .vcf); emails from you, including your email signature; your letter heading; CLI; your contact details on your company website; your LinkedIn entry; and mutual business contacts.  Alternatively, it’s because we have known you personally for years.  Only your business contact details are stored.

We do not undertake any automated processing and we do not do any profiling.

We review contact details regularly to ensure that they are up to date but if you see that your details are not correct, please email and we shall correct them.

Your details will be stored using MS Outlook and Outlook 365; and Google contacts on Android mobile device(s).  These are password and PIN protected.

If you don't want us to store your business contact details, please email and ask us to remove them.  Obviously, as a small consultancy, we would be disappointed if you asked us to do that but we shall meet our obligations.